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Firstly there are two sides at present to our platform:

TRADE STAFF SIDE: Connecting available trade staff looking to work for companies/contractors on a day rate basis.

JOB LEAD SIDE: Connecting companies and contractors with job leads from other contractors and homeowners.

For trade staff:

Q: How do I stop text notifications?

A: We only send text notifications to profiles that are visible, if you are no longer looking for work please login and then click on the link underneath your profile that says "hide profile". When you're looking for work again, please click on "show profile" and you will start receiving local job notifications.


Job Leads



Q: How much do I pay for a lead?

A: No, you can purchase leads s a one off purchase or subscribe each month for only £14.99 and receive unlimited leads.

Q: How do I stop text notifications of local rendering leads?

A: We are currently working on this feature and will let you know in the future. (although you will only receive text notifications from jobs local to you within a 20-mile radius)

Q: I keep getting redirected back to edit my company details even though all info is filled out. What do I do?

A: Your account may be on hold, please email us, and we will make your account active.


Q: Ive requested the lead details but not received the email with customer/clients details?

A: Please let us know by email and we will send over the details to you direct. You must let us know which job you have not received the details for. P.s Before emailing us please check your spam box first.


General Account Questions


Q: I cant find my username

A: Email us at help@trobs.co.uk and provide us with your email address and we send over your username (in a lot of cases your username is your email address)

Q: I cant remember my password

A: Go to http://www.trobs.co.uk/user/password and fill out the form and we will send you a link to reset your password

Q: I want to cancel my account

A: Email us at help@trobs.co.uk with your email address and we will cancel your account. Remember you can always turn your profile to invisible if you are no longer looking for work.

Please add a question in the comments box below and we will start answering questions as we know what info you would like answers for.


Hi I'm Drylinner fixer, I have CSCS-BLUE CARD NVQ LVL2 NINO, UTR, CONT BANCAR and Experience 6 year my phone number 074**********

You will need to create a free profile and we will notify you when a job comes available that matches your location and skills.



I put an add on your site over 2 days ago (tited above), sent out 10 invites and no replies as yet. What is happening? How come no one has replied? And why do you not have a contatc number? Also I thought I would be reimbursed if there was no contact within 24 hours.


Simon Moroney

Moroney Building Services