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labourer needed? You can now find labourers that are currently looking for work within 2 hours by using Trobs, the UKs first searchable database of construction staff. No more posting jobs on sites such as gumtree and others which cost a lot of money.

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How much does it cost to hire a labourer?

Costs start from £79 a day, this includes our commission of £15 a day flat fee. Unlike other recruitment agencies we want to be transparent and fair to both sides when it comes to pay, the rate of pay will depend on how long you need a labourer for and also your location, the longer the hire the cheaper the rate of pay, in terms of location we have split the country up into 2 different bands, this is because the hourly pay rates in the South need to be higher than the North due to the higher cost of living.

So how does it work?

It's very simple, firstly you fill out our form with your requirements, we then notify available labourers in our database and then send over the profiles of labourers who want to undertake the work, you can then view the profiles and choose then select the laborer that you want to hire, we will then be in touch to set up the contract. (Note we are currently working on development so you can set up the contract yourself)

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Not just for construction

need a labourer to work around your home or your business that's fine, although we do supply labourers to building sites we also can supply a labourer to your home to help you undertake tasks that may need doing or even your business too, we understand that labourers are not just required for construction sites and are also needed by homeowners and business owners too.

View labourers by skills and qualifications

If you need a labourer to have specific skills or qualifications such as CSCS card or other, please let us know and we will only send over the profiles of labourers with the right skill set.

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