Labourers required Nationwide (earn between £9-£12 per hour)

We Currently have a large number of construction companies and agencies looking for Labourers to work on building sites, commercial properties, social housing and also domestic properties nationwide now

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Trobs is a recruitment platform for available construction staff to create a profile and be seen by the companies that require them, this means you can now be found and be seen by multiple companies whenever your looking for work which enables you secure work much quicker than applying for a job one by one. 

Once you find work you turn your profile to invisible and back to visible again when your looking again, its as simple as that! 

If you want to increase your chances of finding work by up to 5 times please create a free account and profile and start receiving job invites from the hundreds of companies searching for guys with your skills today. 

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Are you an agency

No. Trobs in only a recruitment platform similar to linkedin but for construction staff only, we don't get involved with any employment contracts or payments connected to employment.

How much does it cost?

Its completely free for trade staff to create an account and will never cost a penny! we don't believe anyone should pay to find work, We make our money by charging companies to post a job on our site with the added benefit they can invite available staff from our database to apply as well as receiving natural applicants.

So employs me then?

Either the construction company or the agency depending on who you agree to work for. (As you are aware some companies use umbrella companies to make payments, please make sure you know the payment situation before you start work to prevent any misunderstandings)